Manulife Financial Center Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch  

A shining example of modern architecture, Manulife Financial Centre serves visually as a beacon for the future of both Eastern Kowloon and Hong Kong. Its dramatic, angular arch structure vividly conveys an infinite horizon and a limitless potential for growth.

Manulife Financial Centre is a perfect combination of form and function. Prismatic surfaces capture natural sunlight across the 21-storey tall towers, bringing out the best in colour and atmosphere for the 1.2 million sq. ft. of office space.

Manulife Financial Center Entrance Lobby

Entrance Lobby  

The main entrance lobby at Manulife Financial Centre features its dramatic, immense windows and soaring ceilings, complemented by a cosmopolitan and spacious architectural design.

Manulife Financial Center Private Car and Taxi Lay By

Private Car and Taxi Lay By

Manulife Financial Center Lift Lobby

Lift Lobby

Manulife Financial Center Retail Floor

Retail Floor


Strategic Location

Manulife Financial Centre is located at 223 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tung. To cater to the increased traffic to and from Southeast Kowloon in the future, there will be an extension of the MTR Shatin to Central Link (SCL), Route 6 (Central Kowloon - Tseung Kwun O) and a new Environmentally Friendly Linkage System (EFLS) with a station near Manulife Financial Centre.

Manulife Financial Center Location Map


Manulife Financial Center Transportation

Conveniently Accessible

As with all vibrant neighbourhoods, Kwun Tong is located within minutes of other key districts.

About 11 minutes to Quarry Bay through Eastern Harbour Tunnel

About 12 minutes to Tsim Sha Tsui through Kwun Tong Bypass

About 17 minutes to IFC through Eastern Harbour Tunnel

Manulife Financial Centre’s executive commuters are linked to all corners of Hong Kong via a comprehensive highway network and the efficient MTR Kwun Tong line.

Floor Plate

Think Big. Think Unique.

The towers boast one of the largest floor plates in Eastern Kowloon. Spanning over 65,000 sq. ft., it is unobstructed by columns or services, encouraging interaction and networking.

Flexible, efficient and adaptable, it is ideal for larger organizations to reduce churn, or smaller businesses looking to grow.

Manulife Financial Center Floor Plate

Ceiling Height

Manulife Financial Center Ceiling Height

Exceeding Expectations

With a 4.7m slab-to-slab height, the development offers an inspiring work environment to spur creativity and innovation.

The high ceilings complement a rare 180-degree panoramic seaview, perfect for exploring a world of opportunity.

Building Zone & Floor Plan

High Zone Connected Floor


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Building Zone


High Zone Connected Floor

23/F | 20/F - 22/F | 19/F

High Zone

17/F - 18/F | 16/F | 15/F

Low Zone

12/F - 13/F | 11/F | 5/F - 10/F | 3/F



Retail Floor


Ground Floor


Ceiling Height & Raised Floor

Slab-to-slab height Clear ceiling height Raised floor
Typical floor

4, 100 mm 2, 700 mm 190 mm
Trading floor

(13/F, 16/F, 19/F, 22/F only)

4, 700 mm 3, 100 mm 340 mm
Trading floor

(23/F only)

4, 600 mm 2, 700 mm 340 mm


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    Floor Plate

  • One of the largest office floor plates in East Kowloon
  • Typical floor : over 30,000 sfg. (except 3/F Tower A)
  • Connected floor : over 65,000 sfg. (except 23/F)
  • Typical Office Floor

  • 4.1m slab to slab height
  • 190mm raised floor
  • 2.7m unobstructed clearance from raised floor to false ceiling
  • 5kPa imposed structural load
  • Trading Floor (13/F, 16/F, 19/F, 22/F and 23/F)

  • 4.7m slab to slab height (4.6m for 23/F)
  • 340mm raised floor
  • 3.1m unobstructed clearance from raised floor to false ceiling (2.7m for 23/F)
  • 10kPa imposed structural load
  • Toilet at each Office Floor

  • Executive toilet with shower
  • Male and female toilets
  • Female toilet with built in lockers
  • Disabled toilet
  • Passenger Lifts (to each Office Tower)

  • Low Zone (3/F to 13/F)
  • Total 6 nos.

    Capacity : 1800kg / 24 persons each

    Speed : 3m/s

  • High Zone (15/F to 23/F)
  • Total 6 nos.

    Capacity : 1800kg / 24 persons each

    Speed : 5m/s

    Private Car Parking

  • Over 400 nos. on B1/F and B2/F
  • Landlord's Provisions

  • Metal ceiling system
  • Light troughs (without wiring)
  • VAV air conditioning system
  • Distribution ductwork on an open plan layout
  • Raised floor system
  • Fire protection sprinklers
  • Heat, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

  • Six (6) 985TR fresh water cooled chillers at 2/F
  • Centralized chilled water system with VAV air handling unit and VAV terminal units forthe office towers
  • Approximately 110TR per office floor
  • Two (2) 300TR 24-hour air-cooled chiller backed up by standby generator at the roof forthe two office towers to provide 16TR essential cooling for each office floor
  • Electric duct heaters to VAV terminal units serving perimeter zone of office
  • Design based on 9m2/person for typical office areas
  • Fresh air provision : 10 l/s/person
  • Electrical Supply

  • 15nos. of 1500KVA transformers
  • Two groups of HV cables feed to building
  • Dual power supply risers for each office floor
  • 250A TPN for each office floor
  • Data Communication Network

  • Vertical and horizontal trunkings in the meter rooms of each office floor for officetenants to install communication networks between floors
  • Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution (CABD)

  • TV/FM antenna and one dish antenna installed on the roof
  • Satellite Master Antenna

  • Space on roof for additional satellite dish
  • Television (SMATV) System

    Security System

  • 24-hour monitoring inclusive of CCTV, Microprocessor based carpark control, watchmantour and panic alarm
  • Gas

  • To Podium Floors